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My harddrive failed and I lost most (if not all) of the game files :| For that reason, I'm putting this game aside and I'm going to re-make and come back to it at a later date. For now, my new project "Ordinary Weapon" borrows a lot of elements from this game, and is my attempt at remaking C2Q

Katrina "Kat" Eoh is broke, poor, poverty-stricken; what ever way you want to slice the bread she can't afford. Working as a fake-medium and fortune teller just doesn't make as much money as it used to. For once though, it seems her luck might be turning around after the sweet princess enters her small business. What better costumer than a naive princess? Right? Turns out Katrina couldn't be more wrong, and some time between chanting random words and waving her hands around, the princess ends up possessed.

One small mistake turns her life into something more, slowly, Kat turns from crook to....a much bigger crook.

Crook To Queen, or C2Q, is a fantasy-romance-comedy visual novel that follows the journey of Katrina Eoh as she meets a couple of women who will change her life forever. The cast features diverse queer women and is meant to be a feel good experience. Still the game comes with a couple of warnings: there will be death, blood, crude humor and sexual themes.

Expect the game to be out in 2016! Read more about the game here!


  • 6 female characters with endings (romantic or platonic)
  • Colourful cast
  • Good jokes
  • Bad jokes
  • ~15 endings
  • A story shaped by your choices, a different experience every time you play
  • Platonic endings that ARE NOT just non-romantic version of the romantic endings
  • Fun, short, gag endings
  • No "bad" endings
  • Free!!!


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looks really good... um where do i download?

Hey, sorry. The game's not out yet! I apologize for such a wait but I'm working hard to make the game as good as possible :)