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i just played this bc i went through some of my VN backlog tonight and it was a surprise good time!! both of the girls were super super cute and seeing their romance develop was really sweet :") im also a big fan of the art style!

Uhhh... is it only me or that Kumiho REALLY looks like Ahri? xD
I'm not really into GxG stuff, but I saw "Ahri" and I just couldn't resist.. the game was really sweet and kinda funny - I loved it.

lmfao it's not just you lol unfortunately for us the black hair + pseudo-santa outfit made our main character look like Ahri :') oh well, they are both great ladies still!

Glad you liked the game! And thank you for stopping by to drop a comment :)

This was so sweet! I loved their dynamic and how fluffy it was!

Thanks so much for the comment! We're glad that you liked the game and the fluff (we'd like to say that our inspiration was the idea of a fluffy fox's tail, the floofiest of all) :)